Friday, September 4, 2009

Ecovillage InanItah - Work/Stay/Trade Opportunities

After spending the last few months on Ometepe helping with Bona Fide (see blog) I met Paul and Gaia who are setting up an intentional community. It’s about 23 acres with road access and great views of the volcano.

The main focus on the community is sustainable living and learning. In order to create a sustainable way of life, it is important to recognize the multi-dimensional aspects of sustainable living: relationships, ecology, economics, and consciousness. We are currently building a community center of stone, local harvested timer, and thatch roof, applying various theories of organic and sustainable food production, practice hatha yoga, conscious communication and we create space for community support of self-reflective awareness.

We are looking for co-creators in the practice of creating sustainable living and learning environment, including builders, gardeners, coordinators, artists & musicians, and people with time and a desire to share and to learn. They can offer a trade of a simple room and board for services to be determined on an individual basis and are currently developing agreements for long-term involvement.

Please contact Gaia at for more information.

Duane Batcheler

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